bon anniversaire

E’s birthday was a dream. I can’t believe my baby girl turned one! Where did all the time go? Time definitely flew by faster with the second. Truth be told, I still think she’s younger than she really is sometimes.


Lace tulle dress // Gold sparkle headband // Gold moccasins (not shown in this picture)

Here she is in her adorable ensemble before she went downstairs to greet her guests. I’d say she was dressed très chic for her French themed party, non? ;D


Hosting a big party for a child’s first birthday is customary in Korean culture. We call it a dohl and at this event, there is almost always a table with a wide assortment of fruits and yummy treats. This was our version of that table. Unfortunately, there were no fruits, but there were plenty of yummy treats :).

I couldn’t get over how beautiful it turned out. My sister, The Amazing Designer (I kid you not), was key in putting all this together. She either handmade or helped me hand make all the decorations. Check out those cake stands! Would you believe me if I said they were made with items all bought from the dollar store??


I tried to achieve a romantic and whimsical feel by incorporating intricate details while using a minimal and muted color palette. And if you know the French, they love their florals. The arrangements seen here were done by The Daily Blossom Florist, who I found came highly recommended by local yelpers. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed!


Madeleines by Costo (just added powdered sugar on top!)


Macarons by Merely Sweets


Rice Krispies by my sister


Cake by Bolu Bakery


Cupcakes by yours truly


As fitting for her first birthday, we displayed photographs of her first year in chronological order to show how she changed from one month to another.


Though her appearance hasn’t changed much, she has grown leaps and bounds in size and personality. She’s become our beautiful, sweet and sometimes quite the sassy, little girl 🙂


I was ecstatic to book Crepes of Paris to feed our guests. They provided an unlimited service of crepes and omelets made right on site, as well as a few other tasty buffet items. The brunch menu went perfectly with the party’s theme, and if it couldn’t get any better, the chefs spoke to one another in the very language. I nearly swooned. My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture of the crepe or omelet they made me. But you can trust me when I say that it was très délicieux!


The buffet items were hot turkey sausages,


mini French pastries,


and individual cups of vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh berries. Yum!


Here is a photograph of some of our guests in line for their crepe and omelet, with a fruit platter by my mom ❤


Merci to all our guests who came and showered our baby girl with so much love!


One more look at our darling princess who was the star of the whole event. As dreamy as all the decorations were, this girl was the sweetest part of the party. According to her doljabi, she’s destined to be an artist when she grows up. So I guess we’ll have to visit the beloved City of Lights after all ;P.


Happy birthday, my sweet baby!



8 thoughts on “bon anniversaire

    1. Hi Faith! Thank you so much :). My sister actually made her name. I believe she used a number of gold glitter paper, traced the name and cut it out with an exacto knife. Not entirely sure bc I didn’t see her make it. She’s a talented one!


  1. I love the theme! My question is how did you do the table covering ? What did you use ? I also love how you used dollar store items but yet made it look so elegant.


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